About Thrixxx

Since 2001 the Austrian company thriXXX provides highly sophisticated 3D animated interactive sex games. All their products were very successful and nowadays thriXXX is the world market leader in this genre. The games are based on an innovative graphics technology developed by thriXXX itself. Famous thriXXX games like “3D Sexvilla 2” or “Hentai 3D 2” offer the most realistic and lifelike 3D sex simulations ever. If you ever played one of these games you will surely agree!


It is worthwhile noting that nearly all thriXXX games can not only be controlled via mouse and keyboard, but also with interactive sex toys like Vstroker & Fleshlight to provide the most realistic interactive sex-experience you can get. Upcoming thriXXX games like “Chathouse 3D” will even be compatible with the “Oculus Rift” virtual reality headset, too. Thanks to these amazing devices your virtual cybersex will come very, very close to having real sex!

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Multiplayer Sexgames

Multi-player sex games are the up-to-the-minute dimension of interactive sex games. These are games that can, unlike the conventional virtual sex games, be played online by SEVERAL gamers at the same time. Thus, there come along possibilities hitherto unknown – for example two players may have interactive real-time cyber sex with one another from their home computer. 

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“MMOVSG” stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Sex Game” – meant are online games for several players which enable virtual sexual intercourse. These games may take the form of games in which users move around as avatars in the virtual worlds where the may interact and perform a highly diverse acts – the special feature of these games is, however, that the main focus is always put on the interactive sex and erotic. 

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Remote Sex

The term “Remote Sex” basically denotes sex from a distance – meant is primarily interactive sex via remote-controlled or interactive sex toys such as so-called “Teledildonics”.

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The “Bluedildonics” are engine-driven sex toys which may be tele-commanded from the outside by a Bluetooth connection.  With the help of innovative sex toys which generally resemble conventional sex toys such as vibrators or masturbators, spatially separated couples can have virtual cyber sex with each other by controlling the Bluedildonic of the partner from his/her computer.  Often, these particular sex toys may also be synchronised with specially produced porn videos in which Bluedildonics simulate the sexy action on the screen.

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 3D X Chat

3DXChat is a brand-new online 3D virtual sex game with the help of which you can have interactive cyber sex with LIVING people. The special feature of this game, however, lies in its technical conversion – the outstanding graphics and naturalistic animations belong to the absolute top-class of this genre. With this far-out multi-player sex game, you can assume the role of a virtual avatar and unrestrainedly act out your most intimate sexual fantasies. The look of the avatar you selected can then be adapted to your personal desires – moreover, you have the choice of hundreds of different garments. In doing so, you can become exactly that person you always wanted to be.  In the three-dimensional world of 3DXChat, you can move freely and directly interact and chat with the avatars of other gamers – thus, you can rapidly make the acquaintance of many people from all over the world.

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