Cybersex, definition of

The term “Cybersex” derived from the English language initially emerged in the early 1990s.  It includes different kinds of virtual erotics and pornography which could be practised interactively with the help of computers or via the internet.

The spectrum of actions falling under the term “Cybersex” is, however, enormous: while the term has originally only been applied to the initiation of sexual contacts via email or online dating, the constantly increasing dissemination of the internet allowed the development of special chat rooms in which users exchanged their erotic fantasies and in which they had the chance to verbally stimulated each other.  But with the emergence of the first erotic MMRPGs (“Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games”), the evolution of cyber sex reached a completely new level: in games such as “Red Light Center” (released in 2006) the users can assume the role of virtual avatars able to freely circulate in virtual 3-D-worlds.At that, they have the option to interact with avatars controlled by other users and even play out interactive virtual sex (i.e. cyber sex) with them. While the control of the avatars has originally been performed with mouse and keypad, the trend lately suggests that the avatars will be controlled via specially produced interactive sex toys – for example phoney pussies for men (Fleshlight and Vstroker) or controllable vibrators and sex machines for women.

Hence, it is for the first time ever possible to combine virtual cyber sex and the real experience of immediate sexual stimulation (this opportunity currently only exists for some MMORPGs).  The next step following this development will probably be the creation of overalls as well as data helmets and data gloves – the development of such appliances, though, is still in its infancy.

In the chat jargon, cyber sex is usually abbreviated with “CS” or “C6”.  Is a webcam deployed when exercising cyber sex, people talk about “Camsex” or “Webcam Sex”.  On the current dissemination and use of cyber sex offers, there exist hardly any studies and statistics.  Recent US-American investigations have come to the conclusion that already today about 40 million people make use of web sites offering such content.  We are sure that the number of users will be constantly increasing due to the multi player sex games becoming more and more sophisticated and the interactive sex toys becoming ever more refined.  Additionally, cyber sex embodies the indisputable advantage that you do not run the risk of picking up sexually transmitted diseases and that an unwanted pregnancy is absolutely excluded.