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 3D X Chat

3DXChat is a brand-new online 3D virtual sex game with the help of which you can have interactive cyber sex with LIVING people. The special feature of this game, however, lies in its technical conversion – the outstanding graphics and naturalistic animations belong to the absolute top-class of this genre. With this far-out multi-player sex game, you can assume the role of a virtual avatar and unrestrainedly act out your most intimate sexual fantasies. The look of the avatar you selected can then be adapted to your personal desires – moreover, you have the choice of hundreds of different garments. In doing so, you can become exactly that person you always wanted to be.  In the three-dimensional world of 3DXChat, you can move freely and directly interact and chat with the avatars of other gamers – thus, you can rapidly make the acquaintance of many people from all over the world.

In the 3DXChat universe, you live in your own virtual flat which you can arrange in any way you see fit.  Invite your partner or other gamers to your virtual home; there you can do whatever you want – for example having a cup of tea together or just to chat. Naturally, you can also retire directly to bed or lie down on the couch and get started on hot internet sex right away!

Top-Class Cybersex Animations 

The authentic look and feel of the animated cyber sex with 3DXChat is due to the movements being taken from real porn actors via the so-called “Motion Capture” procedure. According to the statement made by the publisher “SexGameDevil”, 3DXChat is currently the most advanced multi-player real-time sex game in 3D – and if you peer at the great graphics and animations, you can only confirm that we dwell on the best games of this kind! The great thing about 3DXChat is of course that you can use it to have virtual online sex with avatars that are controlled by LIVING people which makes the cyber sex even more thrilling. Thanks to the terrific graphics, you almost forget that we are “solely” dealing with virtual sex here. 

3DXChat Download

3DXChat is a part of the erotic game pack produced by SexGameDevil. If you became member of SexGameDevil, you would gain access not only to 3DXChat but also many other games belonging to the game pack (such as Sex Warrior, Nemo’s Whores or Juliet Sex Session). Should you wish to download 3DXChat please click here. 

To date, the monthly payment for the membership in SexGameDevil amounts to 24.95 USD – in return, you get unlimited access to all games belonging to the erotic bundle (incl. 3DXChat) for a 30-day period.

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