Bluedildonics, art of


The “Bluedildonics” are engine-driven sex toys which may be tele-commanded from the outside by a Bluetooth connection.  With the help of innovative sex toys which generally resemble conventional sex toys such as vibrators or masturbators, spatially separated couples can have virtual cyber sex with each other by controlling the Bluedildonic of the partner from his/her computer.  Often, these particular sex toys may also be synchronised with specially produced porn videos in which Bluedildonics simulate the sexy action on the screen.

Generally speaking, the Bluedildonics can also be classified as so-called “Teledildonics” – i.e. remote-controllable interactive sex toys. The majority of the experts are confident that these innovative sex toys will constitute the future of virtual cyber sex as they make virtual sex unbelievably realistic. 

The Vstroker system along with Fleshlight might represent a very good example for this new generation of Bluedildonics – the Vstroker works well both in the single-player mode of the sex game and as a multi-player sex toy.