Remote Sex, power of

Remote Sex

The term “Remote Sex” basically denotes sex from a distance – meant is primarily interactive sex via remote-controlled or interactive sex toys such as so-called “Teledildonics”.

These are specially developed sex toys like artificial pussies or dildos with the help of which you may control your own avatar in multi-player online sex games or sex toys which can be controlled from the outside and which transmit digital input in real corporate sensations. These innovative sex toys assist spatially separated couples in having cyber sex – sitting comfortably at home in front of the computer. In doing so, the interactive sex toys ensure a sexual stimulation right up to an orgasm.  Most of the industry experts are sure that remote sex employing interactive sex toys will constitute the future of virtual cyber sex, in particular in the context of virtual multi-player sex games.

Remote sex products: Fleshlight, Vstroker, Real Touch and other input devices!