Multiplayer Sexgames, history of

Multiplayer Sexgames

Multi-player sex games are the up-to-the-minute dimension of interactive sex games. These are games that can, unlike the conventional virtual sex games, be played online by SEVERAL gamers at the same time. Thus, there come along possibilities hitherto unknown – for example two players may have interactive real-time cyber sex with one another from their home computer. 

As a rule, users are embodied by virtual avatars the outward appearance of which can be adapted to the individual taste. The avatars can then flow in the virtual worlds and interact directly with the avatars of other players with the cyber sex becoming virtually animated and directly controllable.  Nowadays, some multi-player sex games may even be controlled with real interactive sex toys such as the VStroker so that the virtual real-time sex becomes even more true-to-life.

Some of the earlier multi-player sex games were the “Red Light Center” designed by Utherverse published in 2006 and “Sociolotron”, an interactive online role game specially for adults (first published in 2002).

Most of the industry experts agree on the multi-player sex games representing the future of the interactive cyber sex; after all they combine this genre with the advantages of well-established 3D single-player sex games with social networks and the virtual worlds such as “Second Life”. Thanks to these special games, the user can even have interactive cyber sex with REAL humans.  Despite the number of multi-player sex games on the market being quite straightforward at the moment, one ought to assume that the number of these innovative games will be constantly increasing. 

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