3D XChat with Oculus Rift support

3DXChat – the first Multiplayer Sexgame with Oculus Rift support!

3DXChat is an amazing Multiplayer Online 3D Sex Game that allows you to have virtual Sex with real partners – and it´s the first multiplayer game for adults which is compatible to the highly promising Oculus Rift 3D Headset! The interactive 3DXChat game is strictly made for adults who want to connect and meet other people from all around the globe who are addicted to hot Cybersex. People who join the 3DXChat community with the 3DXChat client will have the opportunity to chat, date and, most important, to enjoy ultra-realistic 3D Sex with the avatar´s of REAL persons. The (fully customizable) player´s avatars will be able to move free in the virtual world of 3DXChat – a world where all your secret desires will finally come true!

The 3DXChat Multiplayer Sexgame particularly convinces by its incredibly realistic new generation 3D graphics – in fact, the movements look so fluid and life-like because the Motion Capture animations have been copied from real-life porn actors. Play this game and fulfill your erotic fantasies with life-like virtual sex graphics that look absolutely amazing!

And best of all, 3DXChat is the first multiplayer online virtual sex-simulation game with full “Oculus Rift” support. Oculus Rift is an innovative virtual reality headset especially designed for immerse 3D gaming. The head-mounted display of the upcoming Oculus Rift consumer version will have an astonishing 3D FULL HD resolution (1920 x 1080p). The Virtual Reality Headset will create a very strong sense of immersion, because the “outside world” is completely blocked out and the amazing graphics almost fill the entire field of view. The panel´s pixel switching time is very quick, reducing motion blur and latency when the user turns his head fast. The player will see the virtual environment in an amazing 3D perspective – he will get the feeling he´s really part of the game! 3DXChat is the first 3D Sex Game which is fully compatible with the Oculus Rift device – if you play this great multiplayer sex-simulation game with this fantastic 3D Headset, you will experience the next level of interactive sex games! By the way, the Oculus Rift device is very light and therefore very comfortable to wear. Our recommendation: If you want to add even more realism to the 3DXChat Multiplayer Sexgame, you should use the Vstroker & Fleshlight sex toys, too. If you use these incredible devices, you will be able to control your avatar´s moves with your cock! You can find more information about Vstroker and Fleshlight “here”.

Important: Presumably the final Oculus Rift Consumer Version will be released around autumn 2014. At the moment there is only the so-called Oculus Rift “developer kit” available – a prototype especially for software-developers (price $300). The upcoming consumer version will be improved in every aspect (higher resolution, better head- and positional-tracking, more features and software support etc.). The interactive 3DXChat game is a part of the „SexGameDevil“ sex game pack, together with other Adult PC games like “Venus Hostage”, “Nemo´s Whores” or “Juliet Sex Session”. Get your monthly membership for unlimited access to all these great games (and much more). You can find the free 3DXChat download right “here”. Important hint: 3DXChat isn´t the only Multiplayer Online 3D Sex game with full Oculus Rift support. The soon-to-be-released thriXXX game “Chathouse 3D” will be compatible with the Oculus Rift headset and the Vstroker/Fleshlight devices, too. If you want more information about this highly promising game you can find it “here”.