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Red Light Center


Hot Multiplayer 3D Sex Action in Amsterdam´s virtual Red Light District

Red Light Center enables you to enter a virtual 3D world where you can experience interactive Cybersex with REAL persons! But Red Light Center is much more than just another 3D multiplayer sex game, it´s a giant social network and the biggest community for adults only worldwide. By the way, Red Light Center has been the very first online multiplayer sex game at all! There is no doubt this is one of the best-known games in this genre. This “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game“ (MMORPG) has been already launched in May 2006, and in March 2008 there were already more than 1,5 million users! This game has been developed by Utherverse – a company specialized in virtual 3D worlds and Web 2.0 technologies.

Red Light Center is the virtual version of one of the most famous red light districts in the world

Red Light Center is a kind of multiplayer sex game which combines the “Massively Multiplayer Online Game” genre, social networks, and very realistic virtual 3D cybersex in a way never seen before. The virtual universe of Red Light Center is based on Amsterdam´s infamous Red Light district, often called “The Wallen” or “Walletjes”. In the virtual world of “Red Light Center” you can find nearly everything that exists in Amsterdam´s red light district, too – for example, strip-clubs, whorehouses, discos, sex shops, porn cinemas and even the well-known coffee-shops, where you can have fun with (virtual) cannabis or magic mushrooms. In this amazing 3D game you will be embodied by an animated avatar which can be moved freely through the virtual world of Red Light Center, and there are many ways to have fun! Of course, you can customize your personal avatar´s appearance any way you want to. This finally enables you to become exactly the person you always wanted to be.

In the world of Red Light Center there is a virtual currency called “Rays”. Users can earn Rays and use them to pay for various things – for example, service features within the community, virtual apartments, gifts for other members etc. There is even an online market place where you can sell Rays for real currency to make REAL money. In the meantime, there are even players who make their living from their avatar´s income which they exchange into real money!

Get to know sex-willing singles from around the world

If you move through the sophisticated virtual environment of Red Light Center, you will quickly get in contact with other player`s avatars. You will get in contact with many open-minded people who are searching for fun and horny cybersex-adventures. You can communicate privately or in open chat rooms, even voice chats are possible. You can contact new players and maintain old contacts. Tip: A good opportunity to get in contact with other players are the frequent Red Light Center community events – for example, dance events, live concerts, exhibition openings etc. You can even plan and carry out your own events – as you can see, the possibilities in this game are nearly endless.

The total sex-action exists for VIP-members

We recommend you should upgrade to become a Red Light Center VIP member, because only VIP Members can enjoy 100% uncensored hardcore-content. In fact, only VIP members are able to have interactive cybersex with an astonishing amount of sex practices and poses (even bondage & SM). It is even possible to have virtual cybersex with several persons at the same time. If you are a little bit insecure about your first cybersex with real persons, you can practice a little bit with the RLC Sex Bots first (interactive virtual 3D models). By the way, within the virtual world of Red Light Center there are even various communities especially for people with unusual sexual preferences – this means, Red Light Center is ideal for players who want to explore their own sexual orientation or want to try out something new (lesbian- and gay-sex are being supported, too). The 3D cybersex-animations are surprisingly realistic and fluid. By the way: If you and your partner withdraw into a virtual private room, you can activate VOIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) to make your mutual experience even more exciting.

Live in a virtual reality which can be co-designed by you

Off course, the main focus of Red Light Center lies on interactive sex, but this game offers much more. In this virtual world it is even possible to take a job - for example, you can run a night club or become a teacher, a DJ or even a wedding planner! Offer your services to other players within the game – if you do it right, you can make a REAL fortune! Furthermore, you can take part in shaping the virtual environment. For example, you can organize virtual events on your own. Furthermore, you can customize your personal virtual apartment down to the smallest details – you can even play your favourite music on your jukebox or play self-installed streaming videos on your virtual TV. Please keep in mind that a stylish flat will increase your chance of success to have horny cybersex!

By the way: Red Light Center is linked to other virtual 3D worlds like “Loki Land” or “Virtual Vancouver”. There is a so-called “Transporter Room” to get you there.

Red Light Center Review

If you are into interactive Cybersex with real persons in a virtual online-community, Red Light Center is exactly what you are searching for! This game perfectly combines interactive 3D sex (as known from single player games like “3D Sexvilla”) with the advantages of virtual multiplayer-worlds like “Second Life”. Thanks to Red Light Center you can live out your sexual desires together with other players in a sophisticated 3D environment. This game enables you to explore one of the most famous red light districts and your sexual orientation in a safe and secure environment. Furthermore, you will get to know many open-minded persons from all over the world. Your avatar can be controlled very easily and the animations are fantastic. Another great thing is that you can change the money you earn as an avatar into REAL currency. If you are clever, you can make lots of money by doing this! If you are into interactive 3D cybersex in a sophisticated 3D world and you want to get to know many interesting people from all over the world, you surely will be enthusiastic about this amazing multiplayer game!

It is no wonder that Red Light Center has been nominated for the XBIZ Award 2010 “Innovative Company of The Year“!

Red Light Center free Download

The Red Light Center basic membership is absolutely free. But if you want to use all features the game has to offer (including interactive Cybersex), you have to upgrade to become a VIP member.

Download Red Light Center at best immediately  Redlightcenter.

At the beginning you have to choose an avatar which will embody you in the game. Furthermore, you have to create an account. After that, you will get an activation mail which has to be confirmed. When done you can download the game and start to play! An introduction video will show you the most important features during the installation process.