Sociolotron Review



Sociolotron is an online role-playing game for adults only (21 years and above). What´s so special about this game is that it is 100% politically incorrect. In the world of Sociolotron all social standards you know are completely annulled. This game does not only include the usual “monster-bashing”, but above all, social interaction and other elements which allow you to blackmail or even to eliminate other players. It is your objective to have success and to climb up the social ladder. In this game even virtual cybersex is possible (but not as sophisticated and realistic as in other multiplayer 3D sex games like “Chathouse 3D” or “3DXChat”). In other words, Sociolotron enables you to let your darkest fantasies come true. This game, which has been launched 2002, has got same elements of “Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Sex Games“ (MMOVSG), but it is different than any other games in this genre. In the world of Sociolotron there is no censorship, and ethical and moral boundaries do not exist. You can even be forced into virtual drug consumption or prostitution. You can become a victim of discrimination (for example, due to racist, sexual or religious motives), be put behind bars or even be killed. To make things short, in the universe of Sociolotron there are completely different social standards than in the real world.

Enjoy an interactive online multiplayer role-playing game full of Sex, politically incorrect behaviour, discrimination and blasphemy

Sociolotron offers an alternative reality which has many aspects in common with the real world – but other elements of this game´s universe are extremely strange and exotic. For this reason, we should call Sociolotron a kind of fantasy role-playing game especially for adults. In Sociolotron you will find bizarre things like demon worship, sexual rituals and religious intolerance. You will enter a world where age-old magic and modern technology formed a weird symbiotic relationship. Another important aspect of this game is virtual sex – but there are some fundamental differences to other multiplayer sex games. In the world of Sociolotron you can pursue many activities which are possible in the real world too, but, furthermore, you can do evil things which would result in serious penalties in the real world. It is even possible to rob, eliminate or blackmail other characters. But you have to be careful, because you can become a victim, too! Any disputes with other players have to be settled by yourself, you won´t get any help from game administrators / supervisors etc. Therefore, we recommend you should try to find friends within the game to become a part of a strong social group. This makes sense, because if you are part of a group, you can defend yourself a lot easier. Please keep in mind that you can get problems with other players at any time – for example, because you are a member of the wrong cult community or you do not have the “right” colour of skin etc. But this is exactly what makes this game so different!

Here is a little hint: Many people join adult multiplayer sex games in order to get to know real persons – mostly in the hope to have sexual adventures in the real world. But you should not do that when you play Sociolotron – even the manufacturer of the game recommends you should not disclose your real identity to other players. If you play multiplayer sex games because you want to find a real sex-partner, you should rather check out games like “Chathouse 3D”, “Red Light Center” or “3DXChat”.

Please note that Sociolotron has been developed by only a few (but committed) people who work on the game in their spare time. For this reason, you can´t expect hyper-realistic 3D graphics and 100% lifelike animations. Nonetheless, the graphics are attractive enough and the developers are always eager to improve the game.

As you can see, Sociolotron is much more than just another online erotic role-playing game – it is a fascinating social experience, because all social values and ethic rules known from the real world are totally suspended. In other words, the world of Sociolotron is quite tough. It is no wonder that this game is only for adults aged 21 or older.

Summary: If your main concern is to have interactive real-time cybersex with very good 3D animations, you should better play more “conventional” multiplayer sex games like Chathouse 3D or 3DXChat. But in case you want to play a multiplayer sex game which departs significantly from the norm you should check out Sociolotron – a virtual world with no ethic rules!

You can download Sociolotron right here:  Sociolotron

Here´s the Sociolotron pricing system:

- $4 for the first 30 days

- $9,95 per month after that

- After 6 months the price will be lowered to $8,95 per month

- After 1 year the price will be lowered to $7,95 per month


(Date 31.10.2016)