About Thrixxx Games

About Thrixxx

Since 2001 the Austrian company thriXXX provides highly sophisticated 3D animated interactive sex games. All their products were very successful and nowadays thriXXX is the world market leader in this genre. The games are based on an innovative graphics technology developed by thriXXX itself. Famous thriXXX games like “3D Sexvilla 2” or “Hentai 3D 2” offer the most realistic and lifelike 3D sex simulations ever. If you ever played one of these games you will surely agree!


It is worthwhile noting that nearly all thriXXX games can not only be controlled via mouse and keyboard, but also with interactive sex toys like Vstroker & Fleshlight to provide the most realistic interactive sex-experience you can get. Upcoming thriXXX games like “Chathouse 3D” will even be compatible with the “Oculus Rift” virtual reality headset, too. Thanks to these amazing devices your virtual cybersex will come very, very close to having real sex!

The history of thriXXX

Believe it or not, the predecessor company of thriXXX used to develop sophisticated 3D flight simulations (!) based on a self-developed 3D engine. After the company dissolved the software-developer core team decided to keep on working with their next-generation 3D engine. Investors from Munich gave them the idea to use the 3D engine to develop interactive 3D sex simulation games – and it worked very well!

In 2001 thriXXX released the first product: “3D Slut”, which was a single-girl masturbation game. It generated a good deal of interest and was extended rapidly. First, new features and 3D girls were added. But most important was the addition of male models to enable direct sexual interaction.

Soon after “3D Slut” thriXXX released “Hentai 3D”, which was the first western 3D Hentai sex simulation game available. It was followed by “3D Gogo”, an interactive 3D dancer addon for the winamp music player.

Graphics and gameplay were continually enhanced and improved. For the first time users could use interactive sextoys to control the games, which led to a much more realistic Cybersex-experience.

In 2004 thriXXX over-worked the product line completely and released the legendary “3D SexVilla” game, which was based on a complete new 3D technology with amazing visual effects nobody had ever seen before. 3D Sexvilla was followed by two other astonishing games: “HentaII 3D” (the enhanced successor of “Hentai 3D”) and “3D Gayvilla”, the first interactive 3D sex simulation game especially for gays. At the same time thriXXX continued improving all the products based on customer inquiries, so the games kept getting better and better.

Due to many new ideas and additions thriXXX was forced to redevelop the 3D technology from scrap again – the result was a totally new product line released in fall 2007. This lead to the release of three new astonishing 3D sex games which were much more sophisticated than all the thriXXX products before: The well-known “3D SexVilla 2”, “Hentai 3D 2” and “3D GayVilla 2”. What was so special about this new interactive 3D sex games was the addition of innovative customization features allowing the user to manipulate the appearance and shape of the 3D babes (and boys) down to the very last details. Thanks to these sophisticated new features the users could create exactly the virtual sex partners they had always dreamt of.

During the last years the thriXXX company invested millions of dollars and lots of energy to create the best interactive 3D sex simulation games you can get. It is no wonder that thriXXX became the world market leader in interactive 3D sex and virtual character animation.

The thriXXX story will go on

We can be sure thriXXX will continue to develop the best and most sophisticated 3D sex games available. Thanks to constant user feedback and regular updates the products will keep on getting better and better.

Just recently thriXXX released “3D Gogo 2”, the long-awaited, improved follow-up to the highly successful “3D Gogo” dance simulation game.

In the moment thriXXX is working on something completely new: “Chathouse 3D”, which will be the companys first “Massively Multiplayer Online Virtual Sex Game” (MMOVSG). This groundbreaking new product will be a kind of online network where users will be able to chat, flirt and have interactive real-time 3D cybersex with other players avatars. Yes, you have read correctly – for the first time ever it will be possible to have interactive virtual sex with REAL people! We are sure this is going to be the next big step in the evolution of online 3D sex games. Chathouse 3D will be the ultimate multiplayer sexgame and a huge step away from the current thriXXX product line – so stay tuned!

By the way, you can download the basic versions of all thriXXX games for free – check them out now!